Videos Undifficulted for iOS by Danielle Bayes
Enrollment is closed

Videos Undifficulted for iOS

Enrollment is closed
We all know we should be creating more videos for our social media feeds…
  • You’ve a phone full of apps and no idea what some of them do.
  • You don’t know where to start and where to find the time.
  • You don’t have the right equipment to make great videos.
  • And added to all this, you know you need to get in front of the camera too!
Inside Videos Undifficulted I’ll guide you through the apps to use and the techniques needed to both film and edit a range of engaging social videos, including gifs, cinemagraphs, stop motion animations, videos for Instagram and Facebook stories, overhead hyperlapses and live video on each platform.

You get a printable workbook full of planning sheets, ready-made video content ideas and the HUGE iOS apps guide.

PLUS you have access to an exclusive Facebook group just for those inside the course, where you can ask any question and share any video created for feedback, before publishing to your audience!

What's inside the course?

You can access ALL of the contents of the course as soon as it is opened for you, meaning you can dive into whichever section you wish and get started straight away.

Preparing to make great videos
  • Nail your user persona
  • Getting to know your iPhone camera and its settings
  • Sorting your mic, tripod and lights (or using what you already have around your home)
  • How to broadcast a great live video
Video and Facebook
  • Uploading and creating video with the Facebook app
  • Uploading, optimising and editing video via Facebook on desktop
  • Going live on Facebook
  • Facebook stories
  • Using Facebook insights to understand how well your videos are performing
Video and Instagram
  • Uploading video to the grid
  • Uploading video to IGTV
  • Instagram stories
  • Going live on Instagram
  • Understanding Instagram insights
Video and Twitter
  • Uploading and creating video on the Twitter app
  • Using Twitter's media studio on desktop
  • Going live on Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter's analytics
Video and LinkedIn
  • Uploading and creating video on the LinkedIn app
  • Uploading video on desktop
  • Understanding LinkedIn's analytics
Creating short, fun and engaging videos
  • Creating an animated question
  • Creating a video meme
  • Creating a boomerang
  • Making a video poll
  • Creating an animated character to use in your videos
  • Adding a moving element to a photograph
  • Creating a cinemagraph
  • Creating stop-motion animation
  • Creating gifs
Filming techniques
  • How to film your primary footage
  • Filming cutaways
  • Including stylistic elements in your videos
  • How to film an overhead video
Editing techniques
  • Editing with the iMovie app
  • Editing with Adobe Rush
  • Including:
    • Splitting and trimming
    • Adding transitions
    • Adding titles and captions
    • Adding music and voiceovers
  • Adding captions to your videos

Hi, I'm Danielle

I’ve been making videos for over 20 years and I’ve been a freelance social media marketer for the last 4 years.

I graduated with a media studies degree in 1998, during which I learned the principles of filming and editing video. Back then I used a heavy VHS camera to record, and clunky machines to edit the tape. 

Today we are SO lucky to carry a world class video camera in our pocket! Get ahead of the game by creating fun, engaging content your followers will love!

Is Videos Undifficulted for me?

The course is for you if:

• You’re a social media manager or small business owner with active social media channels.
• You struggle to find the time to create video.
• You don’t know where to start with making video content.
• You want to engage your followers with fun and professional videos.
• You want to gain the confidence to get in front of the camera as well as behind it.
• You use an iPhone.


When does the course start?

Sign up to my email list at the top of the page for up to date information on the next launch date!

Where do I access the course?

You will log in to the course here at

Is the course only for iPhone users?

Yes, for now. An Android version of the course will be coming soon!

Will I need to pay for any apps?

This is totally up to you depending on what you want to achieve. There are demonstrations of different paid apps in the course so that you can see all of the features before you commit to spending any money.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to the course which means each time it is updated, you get the new version!

Is the Facebook group open to everyone?

No. You will have exclusive access to a Facebook group just for people who have taken the course. Inside the group is further support for filming and creating videos as well as updates on the course content as it evolves.